My Dear English-Speaking Friends


    After consideration and many complaints from my college friends, i will start to write some English posts to keep my friends updated from me.

    This is the first post ,especially for my Indonesian friends, so i would like to  say:

    Teman saya,

              Selamat siang dan Selamat datang! Saya sudah tinggal di Indoneisa satu setengah tahun,Bahasa Indoneisa tidak bagus,haha!




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5 responses to “My Dear English-Speaking Friends

  1. Jangan risau.
    Cakap BANYAK,
    lama lama jadi bagus.

    Cheers ..kee… 😉

    jenni:Terima Kasih~

  2. Haha…

    Mu punya bahasa dah baik, hanya kena cakap lebih lagi untuk biasakan nya…

    Very longtime didn’t write in Bahasa, Where you study during your college time? Which country?

    jenni:I’m currently studying in Indonesia, a German university major in pharmaceutical engineering,it’s my second degree.
    My Bahasa is really bad,but enough for my daily life!haha

  3. oic…
    Kekkon shimashita, but still benkyo shima, taihen desune…

    Jenni:is it Malaysian?

  4. Cowok Jakarta

    Wow, you write so much in all different languages. I wish I understand Chinese more than “Wo ai ni…”.
    Cheers my Frienda !

  5. kay

    Sikit Sikit Lama Lama Jadi Bukit 🙂

    jenni:what does this mean?


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