My holiday

15 days holiday is over , some pics about my interesting holiday, we bought a small bungalow in Thailand and decorated it all by ourselves , it was very tiring but exciting experience especially when it happened abroad.

me 1

(on the way to the airport)

me 2

(in the car)

me 3

(we rent a motorbike)

me 4

(at our terrace)

me 5

(12 houses share one 15m x 5m swimming pool)

saku 1

(Laogong standing in front of our house)

house 1

(before moved in)

house 2

(after decorated)

house 3

(the right one is ours)

house 4

(nice view with swimming pool)

house 5

(other houses)

house 7

(pic took from our terrace)

house 8

(kitchen mixes with living room)

house 9

(bedroom in purple )

house 10

(a small dressing room)

house 11


house 12

(dining table)

house 13

(living room sofa can be folded back to be a bed)

house 14

(enough for two person if they are not super fat)



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One response to “My holiday

  1. 小巧,精致,透着你对生活的热爱!


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