wine and coffee

        I was sitting in the airplane alone, waiting for taking off. A middle-age woman came and sat next to me.I’m used to sit with my husband who i name him ‘pig’. A woman instead of my pig,i had a bit strange feeling. The woman was very friendly,kindly said ‘hello’ to me. Of course i treated her the same way back.

       As you know Thai airline is famous of good service, after the plane took off shortly, the stewardess started to serve drinks and sancks.”what would do you like to drink?” i was asked by a very nice looking stewardress .”a glass of red wine” i quickly answered without any thinking.”ok,here you are”- i got my first red wine. i tasted a bit like normally  professionals do. For me the wine was pretty good. If my pig had heard my comments on wine would definitely say: Hi, do you really know what kind of wine is good? so luckily he didn’t hear.I can be at least once a self-believe wine taster.

      After a while, i wanted to have some small talks with my neigbour.Nobody to talk is too boring for a talkative person like me. i tried to start the conversation several times. but she was wearing the big and fancy sun glasses all the time. I could not open my mouth to somebody who even doesn’t want to have direct eye-contact, so i finally gave up.

     “what else whould you like?” the nice stewardess came to me again.”EMMMMMM,coffee please!” i was more than polite.”ok Madam” so i got my first coffee, meanwhile i still had more than half glass of red wine waiting to be finished.

      Suddenly i realised, i ordered the wine and coffee which are not my favorite drinks but my pig does like them.Maybe i already started to miss him, the following 10 days holiday without him does not sound a holiday for me.Drink wine and coffee can make feel more close to him. it’s just like some people like to hold the ex-boyfriends’ underwears while sleep . Does it sould too pathetic ? i guess so, so I also suddenly realised another thing which i don’t like to adimit that is i’m just a lacrimose silly girl.



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