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Vacation at Kuda Luat

    Dec 20th is the tradional muslim celebration called ~Idul Adha~ , the real meaning behind this ceremony is to help poor people. At this day, The LEBARAN HAJI (who have been to MECCA-沙特阿拉伯西部, 穆罕默德诞生地, 伊斯兰教第一圣地),normally those people are quite rich, because the cost from Indonesia to MECCA is around 25,000RMB, so it’s a big money for the poor people. The LEBARAN HAJI buy goats ,and kill them in the garden of MOSQUE(清真寺), and give the meat to the poor people.

P.S. if the HAJI die in MECCA accidently, they are considered to be lucky.

Anyway, for me and my hubby, it’s just another holiday. We drove to a beach resort with one old couple and their adopted son.


(before departure, i prepared a sumptutous breakfast for all of us, even my dolls joined , hahaha)


(fresh air and nice villa)


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     上个星期日,我们的朋友,一对老夫妻来印尼,在家中小住了一周.最后他们找到了合适的公寓, 今天兴高采烈的搬进他们的公寓,开始他们为期2个月的欢乐假期.





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